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A typical piroplasma: pear-shaped cells of a Babesia species infecting the blood cells of a horse

Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin pirum (pear) + Ancient Greek πλάσμα (plásma, image, formation)


piroplasma (plural piroplasmas or piroplasmata)

  1. (epidemiology, microbiology) Babesia, a genus of hematozoa that invades the red blood cells of humans and domesticated animals such as dogs and sheep
    • 1895, Entomological Pamphlets: Slingerland Collection.[2]:
      It has been known for some years past that Piroplasma in the digestive tube of an adult female tick can give rise to infection in the offspring of that female, so that one generation of ticks can acquire the parasites from cattle, and the next generation can transmit the disease to other cattle
  2. Any of many other parasitic protozoa related to Babesia in order Piroplasmida


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