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  1. essive singular of pood


Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Ancient Greek ποινή (poinḗ, penalty, fine, bloodmoney).



poena f (genitive poenae); first declension

  1. penalty
  2. punishment
  3. (figuratively) execution


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative poena poenae
Genitive poenae poenārum
Dative poenae poenīs
Accusative poenam poenās
Ablative poenā poenīs
Vocative poena poenae

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


  • Asturian: pena
  • Old French: peine
  • Galician: pena
  • Italian: pena
  • Ladin: peina, pena
  • Occitan: pena
  • Old Portuguese: pẽa

Further reading[edit]

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    • to revenge oneself on some one: ulcisci aliquem, poenas expetere ab aliquo
    • to revenge oneself for a thing: ulcisci aliquid, poenas alicuius rei expetere
    • to revenge oneself on another for a thing or on some one's behalf: poenas alicuius or alicuius rei repetere ab aliquo
    • to punish some one: poena afficere aliquem (Off. 2. 5. 18)
    • to exact a penalty from some one: poenas alicuius persequi
    • to exact a penalty from some one: poenam petere, repetere ab aliquo
    • to exact a penalty from some one: poenas expetere ab aliquo
    • to ordain as punishment that..: hanc poenam constituere in aliquem, ut...
    • to be (heavily) punished by some one: poenas (graves) dare alicui
    • to be punished by some one (on account of a thing): poenas alicui pendere (alicuius rei)
    • to suffer punishment: poenas dependere, expendere, solvere, persolvere
    • to suffer punishment: poenam (alicuius rei) ferre, perferre
    • to be punished for a thing, expiate it: poenam luere (alicuius rei) (Sull. 27. 76)
    • to submit to a punishment: poenam subire
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  1. inflection of poeni:
    1. second-person singular imperative
    2. (literary) third-person singular present indicative/future
    3. (colloquial) first-person singular future


Welsh mutation
radical soft nasal aspirate
poena boena mhoena phoena
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every
possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.