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re- +‎ load



reload (third-person singular simple present reloads, present participle reloading, simple past and past participle reloaded)

  1. To load (something) again.
    • 2011, Rebekah Modrak, ‎Bill Anthes, Reframing Photography: Theory and Practice
      If you need to reload film, the cassette can be rewound slightly by turning the hub located on one end of its spool.
    • 2021 July 14, “Modern Images”, in RAIL, number 935, page 37, photo caption:
      The train has only a short distance left to its destination at Swinden Quarry, where the wagons will be reloaded.
    1. (computing) To refresh a copy of a program etc. in memory or of a web page etc. on screen
    2. (firearms) To load a gun again; or recharge a used cartridge.

Related terms[edit]



reload (plural reloads)

  1. The process by which something is reloaded.
    Each reload of the weapon took about 30 seconds.
  2. (firearms) An ammunition cartridge prepared from previously fired ammunition.