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Etymology 1[edit]

snug +‎ -er


snugger (plural snuggers)

  1. (medicine) A threaded plastic tube used to clamp blood vessels during surgery.
    • 2006, Jaroslav F. Stark, Marc R. de Leval, & Victor T. Tsang, Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects, →ISBN, page 176:
      Again, the snuggers can be tied to the cannula and the cannula fixed to the skin edge to prevent displacement.
    • 2012, Lorrie A. Kirshenbaum, Ian M.C. Dixon, & Pawan K. Singal, Biochemistry of Hypertrophy and Heart Failure, →ISBN, page 140:
      A midline abdominal incision was made and the descending aorta above the renal bifurcation was cleared of adjacent tissues and a snugger was placed.
    • 2015, Constantine Mavroudis & Carl Lewis Backer, Atlas of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, →ISBN, page 300:
      As all of the arteries are controlled by snuggers except the innominate artery, the cardioplegia can infuse only the ascending aorta and thereby the coronary arteries. Once this cardioplegia is administered, the snuggers on the innominate artery can be appropriately rearranged and the stopcock can be moved back for institution of regional perfusion.
  2. A ring that fits tightly around a cable, rope or wire, holding it in place or preventing leakage around any hole through which it passes.
    • 1903, The Electrical Engineer - Volume 32, page 764:
      Tape binders or snuggers are to be taken off as each flake is finished.
    • 1947, Bell Laboratories Record - Volumes 25-26, page 150:
      The tape is supplied from a feeder-roll and is brought up to and curved around the cable by guide plates and rubber snuggers to form a wrapping lengthwise on the sheath.
    • 1957, Nuclear Power: The Journal of British Nuclear Engineering:
      Cable enters the latter through a slit in the concrete biological shield which is sealed by 6 in. of lead bricks, aluminium doors and rubber snuggers.
    • 2013, Michael Neidle, Electrical Installation Technology, →ISBN, page 170:
      If the cable is served it should be stripped back to the snugger wire by means of a blow-lamp to assist removal.
  3. Moveable brackets for keeping small items secure on a shelf.
    • 1986, Colonial Homes - Volume 12, page 48:
      Extra-deep shelves easily accommodate 3-liter and gallon bottles, even 6-packs, while special "snuggers" keep small items secure.
    • 1991, Ellen Rand & Florence Perchuk, The complete book of kitchen design, page 172:
      E-Adjustable snuggers or fingers in refrigerator or freezer door shelves keep small items upright.
    • 1999, Sweet's General Building and Renovation - Volume 8, page 157:
      Sets include four wheel hangers with 11" (22mm) diameter ball bearing hangers, extruded aluminum jump-proof box track, pivot set and snuggers
    • 2003, Consumer Reports, The Buying Guide 2004, →ISBN, page 102:
      Shelf snuggers — sliding brackets on door shelves — secure bottles and jars.
  4. A type of latch that operates by providing spring tension between a door or window and its frame.
    • 1944, Pencil Points - Volume 26, Part 1, page 39:
      For example, hardware on doors was discarded, and stock wood knobs and snuggers were used.
    • 1949, Eugene Clute, Russell Fenimore Whitehead, & Kenneth Reid, Progressive Architecture:
      Catalog on casement window hardware, including operators, sash hinges, casement and door snuggers, handles, etc.
    • 1962, The Potato and Onion World - Volumes 31-32, page 84:
      Four snuggers are usually needed to seal a large door and two for a smaller shipping-room door.

Etymology 2[edit]

See the etymology of the corresponding lemma form.



  1. comparative form of snug: more snug


Alternative forms[edit]




  • IPA(key): /ˈsnʏɣər/
  • (file)


snugger (comparative snuggerder, superlative snuggerst)

  1. smart


Inflection of snugger
uninflected snugger
inflected snuggere
comparative snuggerder
positive comparative superlative
predicative/adverbial snugger snuggerder het snuggerst
het snuggerste
indefinite m./f. sing. snuggere snuggerdere snuggerste
n. sing. snugger snuggerder snuggerste
plural snuggere snuggerdere snuggerste
definite snuggere snuggerdere snuggerste
partitive snuggers snuggerders