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From Proto-Balto-Slavic *tríjes, from Proto-Indo-European *tréyes. The accusative trīs now has the same intonation (broken) as the nominative, but in the past it had level intonation (compare Lithuanian trìs); dative trim < trims (attested in 16th-century texts); compare Lithuanian trìms; the locative forms are innovative.[1]


Latvian cardinal numbers
 <  2 3 4  > 
    Cardinal : trīs
    Ordinal : trešais
    Multiplier : trīsreiz
    Nominal : trijnieks, trijotne
    Fractional : trešdaļa
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trīs (irregular declension)

  1. three (the cipher, the cardinal number three)
    viens, divi, trīsone, two, three (counting)
    trīs un trīs ir sešithree plus three is six
    atņemt trīsto subtract three
  2. three (C, satisfactory, a school grade; syn. trijnieks)
    saņemt trīsto get a C (lit. three)
  3. three (an amount equal to three)
    mēs bijām trīswe were three
    trīs āboli, grāmatasthree apples, books
    triju dienu laikāin (the time of) three days
    sadalīt trīs daļāsto divide in three parts
  4. three o'clock (a moment in time; three hours after midnight, or after noon)
    pulkstenis ir trīsit is three o'clock
    aiziet trijos pēc pusdienasto leave at three o'clock after lunch
    lekcija būs no trijiem līdz pieciemthe lecture will be from three to five (o'clock)


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