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From Proto-Albanian *trauša. Close to Lithuanian trąšùs (fat, fertile (soil)) (cf. Albanian trashi (fertile soil)). May reflect ultimate origin in Proto-Indo-European *treu- (to destroy), but this is not certain.[1]


i trashë m (feminine e tráshë, masculine plural trásha, feminine plural trásha)[2]

  1. thick, fat, massive (thicker, wider than usual)
    Synonyms: majmë, pjellor , plotë
    Trup i trashë.
    Massive body.
    Këmbë të trasha, buzë të trasha.
    Thick legs, thick lips.
    A ke parë sa i trashë është ai?
    Have you seen how fat he is?
  2. voluminous, thick, large, big (consisting of many layers)
    Libër i trashë. Libra të trasha.
    Big book. Big books.
  3. rough, gritty, gritty, coarse (substances or objects consisting of particles, fibers or granules)
    Rëra e trashë.
    The coarse sand.
  4. viscous, syrupy, (liquids)
    Synonym: veshtullor
    Lëng i trashë.
    Viscous liquid.
  5. low quality, cheap (production, fabrication, work)
  6. deep, low-pitched (voices, vocals, sounds)
    Një zë i trashë.
    A deep voice.
  7. heavy, thick, strong (accent)
  8. (figuratively) indecent, rude, uncultured, tasteless, vulgar, trashy (person); vulgar, offensive, bold (speech)
  9. stringy, fat (domesticated animal with large amount of excess flesh)
    See also: trashe (fat cow, goat)
  10. fertile (when associated with soil, ground)
    Synonym: trashi (fertile soil)
    Tokë e trashë.
    Fertile soil.
    Toka e trashë.
    The fertile soil.
  11. (anatomy) large
    Zorra e trashë.
    The large intestine (colon).



  1. thickly, largely (cross section)
    Synonym: shumë
  2. (figuratively) harshly, heavily, coarsely (way of speech, behavior)
    Synonym: rëndë
  3. abundantly, in large quantities, plentifully (condition, wealth, resources, food, money)
    Synoyms: shumë, boll, mjaft


tráshë f (indefinite plural trásha, definite singular trásha, definite plural tráshat)[4]

  1. thickness, opulence, voluptuousness, fatness
    Synonyms: bollëk, dendësi, shëndoshje
  2. (figuratively) thick, big part/portion of a body (animals and human beings) or food
    E trasha e kofshës.
    The thickness of the tight.
    (the big part of a ham)

Derived terms[edit]

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