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From trim +‎ -er.




  1. comparative form of trim: more trim


trimmer ‎(plural trimmers)

  1. One who trims, arranges, fits, or ornaments.
  2. A device used to trim.
  3. (nautical) A member of the crew who trims the sails.
  4. Someone who fluctuates between opposing factions, political parties etc., according to current interest.
    • 1848, Baron Macaulay, History of England, I.2:
      Thus Halifax was a Trimmer on principle.
    • 2011, Thomas Penn, Winter King, Penguin 2012, p. 9:
      Lady Margaret Beaufort's third husband, Lord Stanley, an accomplished political trimmer, gave fair words but little commitment: the vast, well-armed Stanley retinues shadowed Henry's route southeast to the battlefield and waited, detached, to see how the chips fell.
  5. (architecture) A beam into which are framed the ends of headers in floor framing, as when a hole is to be left for stairs, or to avoid bringing joists near chimneys.
  6. A device for storing coal in gradually increasing piles made by building up at the point of the cone or top of the prism.