watch one's mouth

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watch one's mouth

  1. (idiomatic, US) To be careful about what one says, especially with regard to disrespectful or profane language.
  2. (idiomatic, chiefly US) In the imperative form, used as a warning to avoid or stop using inappropriate language, especially profanity, or disrespectful utterances.


  • 1995, "WATCH YOUR MOUTH," Time, 21 Dec:
    Daniel Spiegel, ambassador to U.N. offices in Geneva, won't be using his international platform as a political pulpit anymore.
  • 2006, "Watch your mouth!," / Associated Press, 29 Mar:
    Americans see profanity getting worse, poll finds.
  • 2007, Dean Beeby, "Watch your mouth—'Hi, Jack' could mean 'hijack',", The Daily News / Canadian Press, 11 July, Halifax (Canada):
    Airport security agency gives officers wiggle room on 'bomb jokes' problem.