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Etymology 1[edit]

Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (grue, SV: thanh).


xanh (𩇛, 𩇢, 𫕹) (phonemic reduplicative xanh xanh)

  1. grue (green or blue in languages that do not distinguish the two colors)
    bầu trời xanh thẳmthe infinitely blue sky
    Lá còn xanh như anh đang còn trẻ.
    Lá trên cành, như anh trong đoàn quân.
    A leaf is green, like he is young.
    A leaf is on a branch, like he is in a troop.
  2. (of a complexion) green (sickly, unwell)
  3. (of fruit) green (unripe)
Usage notes[edit]
  • xanh lá cây or xanh lục should not be overused because it will make sentences clunky in Vietnamese. Most of the time, Vietnamese people do not really care about those shades and they simply go with xanh, though a few do use lục and lam to avoid confusion.
Derived terms[edit]
Derived terms

Etymology 2[edit]


(classifier cái) xanh

  1. wok
    • 1938, Nguyên Hồng, Hàng cơm đêm:
      Xuống bếp, Vịnh đổ mỡ vào xanh. Mỡ chảy ra trong những tiếng xèo xèo.
      Entering the kitchen, Vịnh poured oil into the wok. Grease poured out with a sizzling sound.