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фраер (fraerm

  1. (slang) cool guy



Alternative forms[edit]


There are a number of theories about the origin of this term:

  • Borrowed from German Freier (suitor, bachelor; customer of prostitutes) via Yiddish [Term?], from frei (free). First used by prostitutes in Odessa's criminal world to refer to their clients.
  • Borrowed from German Freiherr (baron) via Yiddish [Term?], from frei +‎ Herr.
  • Borrowed from Yiddish פֿרײַער(frayer, free person), from פֿרײַ(fray, free). Referring to someone who has not served time in prison.


  • IPA(key): [ˈfra(j)ɪr]
  • (file)


фра́ер (frájerm anim (genitive фра́ера, nominative plural фраера́ or фра́еры, genitive plural фраеро́в or фра́еров)

  1. (slang) not a criminal person, a potential victim of a crime, any person (male); a guy criminals may consider deserving respect, even if he doesn't belong to their group.
    И фра́ер устремля́лся в сто́рону беды́ свое́й.
    I frájer ustremljálsja v stóronu bedý svojéj.
    And the guy just went towards his trouble
    ("На солнечной стороне улицы", Дина Рубина)
    Я не вор, я че́стный фра́ер.
    Ja ne vor, ja čéstnyj frájer.
    I'm not a thief, I'm an honest bloke
  2. (slang) an unpleasant person, e.g. someone who behaves arrogantly, spoils a party, etc.
    Жа́дность фра́ера погу́бит.
    Žádnostʹ frájera pogúbit.
    Greed will kill the bad guy.
    Э́тот фра́ер да́же не соизво́лил мне позвони́ть, хотя́ я ему́ назва́нивал в тече́ние не́скольких дней.
    Étot frájer dáže ne soizvólil mne pozvonítʹ, xotjá ja jemú nazvánival v tečénije néskolʹkix dnej.
    And this jerk didn't even condescend to call me, although I kept calling him for a few days.
  3. (slang) A naive or inexperienced person, a sucker, mug, patsy or sap; one who accedes to all requests, and is easily taken advantage of.
    Бог не фра́ер, он всё ви́дит.
    Box ne frájer, on vsjó vídit.
    God is not a sucker, he sees everything.


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