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From Proto-Indo-European *deyḱ- (to show, point out). Cognates include Latin dīcō, Ancient Greek δείκνυμι (deíknumi) and Old English tǣċan (English teach).


दिशति (diśáti) (cl.6. root √diś)

  1. to point out, show, exhibit
  2. to produce, bring forward (as a witness in a court of justice)
  3. to promote, effect, accomplish
  4. to assign, grant, bestow upon
  5. to pay (tribute)
  6. to order, command, bid
  7. to show, point out, assign
  8. to direct, order, command
  9. to teach, communicate, tell, inform confess
  10. (desiderative) to wish to show
  11. (intensive) to show, exhibit, manifest
  12. (intensive) to order, command
  13. (passive) to show or approve oneself