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From Sanskrit मुद्रा (mudrā).


मुद्रा (mudrāf

  1. a seal
  2. a stamp
  3. any currency or coin; money
    • 1998, Rajwant Rao Pradeep Kumar Rao, Pracheen Bharatiya Mudrayen [Ancient Indian Money], Motilal Banarsidass Publishe →ISBN, page 26
      भारतीय मुद्रा के अध्ययन के साथ ही यह जिज्ञासा भी उत्यित हुई कि भारत में मुद्रा का उदभव किस प्रकार सम्भव हुआ ।
      bhārtīya mudrā ke adhyayan ke sāth hī yah jigyāsā bhī utyit huī ki bhārat mẽ mudrā kā udbhav kis prakār sambhav huā .
      with the study of Indian currency this curiosity has also arisen of by which means has money been developed in India...
  4. expression, face, appearance
  5. the name of specific finger positions


Declension of मुद्रा
Singular Plural
Direct मुद्रा (mudrā) मुद्राएँ (mudrāẽ)
Oblique मुद्रा (mudrā) मुद्राओं (mudrāon)
Vocative मुद्रा (mudrā) मुद्राओ (mudrāo)



From मुद्र (mudrá, joyous, glad).

Alternative scripts[edit]



मुद्रा (mudrā́f

  1. a seal or any instrument used for sealing or stamping, a seal-ring, signet-ring, any ring
  2. type for printing or instrument for lithographing
  3. any stamp or print or mark or impression
    1. the stamp or impression made by a seal etc.
  4. a stamped coin, piece of money, rupee, cash, medal
  5. an image, sign, badge, token (especially a token or mark of divine attributes impressed upon the body)
  6. authorization, a pass, passport (as given by a seal)
  7. shutting, closing (as of the eyes or lips)
  8. lock, stopper, bung
  9. mystery
  10. name of particular positions or intertwinings of the fingers of the hand (24 in number, commonly practiced in religious worship, and supposed to possess an occult meaning and magical efficacy); mudra
  11. female consort for sexual yoga practices
  12. form of a deity
  13. a particular branch of education ("reckoning by the fingers")
  14. parched or fried grain
  15. (rhetoric) the natural expression of things by words, calling things by their right names
  16. (music) a dance accordant with tradition


Feminine ā-stem declension of मुद्रा
Nom. sg. मुद्रा (mudrā)
Gen. sg. मुद्रायाः (mudrāyāḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative मुद्रा (mudrā) मुद्रे (mudre) मुद्राः (mudrāḥ)
Vocative मुद्रे (mudre) मुद्रे (mudre) मुद्राः (mudrāḥ)
Accusative मुद्राम् (mudrām) मुद्रे (mudre) मुद्राः (mudrāḥ)
Instrumental मुद्रया (mudrayā) मुद्राभ्याम् (mudrābhyām) मुद्राभिः (mudrābhiḥ)
Dative मुद्रायै (mudrāyai) मुद्राभ्याम् (mudrābhyām) मुद्राभ्यः (mudrābhyaḥ)
Ablative मुद्रायाः (mudrāyāḥ) मुद्राभ्याम् (mudrābhyām) मुद्राभ्यः (mudrābhyaḥ)
Genitive मुद्रायाः (mudrāyāḥ) मुद्रयोः (mudrayoḥ) मुद्राणाम् (mudrāṇām)
Locative मुद्रायाम् (mudrāyām) मुद्रयोः (mudrayoḥ) मुद्रासु (mudrāsu)


  • Tamil: முத்திரை (muttirai)
  • Burmese: မုဒြာ (mu.dra)

Derived terms[edit]