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Alternative forms[edit]


authorize +‎ -ation


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authorization (countable and uncountable, plural authorizations)

  1. (uncountable) Permission.
    I've got authorization. Call the office and you'll see.
  2. (countable) An act of authorizing.
    • 1966, Education at Berkeley, page 116:
      Our proposal thus envisages a new procedure for the authorization of experimental program
    • 1985 May, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, volume 41, number 5, page 46:
      His authorization of decapitation targeting is incompatible with his theory of limited war
    • 1990, Horst Ungerer, The European monetary system: developments and perspectives, page 36:
      Its purpose is to govern the authorization of credit institutions and the provision of financial services throughout the EC.
  3. (countable) (A document giving) formal sanction, permission or warrant.
    Can I see your authorization?
  4. (government) Permission, possibly limited, to spend funds for a specific budgetary purpose.
    We've had the authorization for years, but we've never gotten an appropriation.


Related terms[edit]