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From Sanskrit श्री (śrī).


श्री (śrīm

  1. light, lustre, radiance, splendour, glory, beauty, grace, loveliness
  2. sir, lord, mister


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श्री (śrī)

  1. diffusing light or radiance, splendid, radiant, beautifying, adorning


श्री (śrīf

  1. light, lustre, radiance, splendour, glory, beauty, grace, loveliness
  2. prosperity, welfare, good fortune, success, auspiciousness, wealth, treasure, riches
  3. symbol or insignia of royalty


Feminine monosyllabic ī-stem declension of श्री

Singular Dual Plural
Nominative श्रीः śrīḥ श्रियौ śriyau श्रियः śriyaḥ
Vocative श्रीः śrīḥ श्रियौ śriyau श्रियः śriyaḥ
Accusative श्रियम् śriyam श्रियौ śriyau श्रियः śriyaḥ
Instrumental श्रिया śriyā श्रीभ्याम् śrībhyām श्रीभिः śrībhiḥ
Dative श्रिये śriye श्रीभ्याम् śrībhyām श्रीभ्यः śrībhyaḥ
Ablative श्रियः śriyaḥ श्रीभ्याम् śrībhyām श्रीभ्यः śrībhyaḥ
Genitive श्रियः śriyaḥ श्रियोः śriyoḥ श्रियाम् śriyām
Locative श्रियि śriyi श्रियोः śriyoḥ श्रीषु śrīṣu


श्री (śrī)

  1. honorific prefix (= "sacred", "holy") to the names of deities (e.g. श्रीदुर्गा (śrī-durgā), श्रीराम (śrī-rāma)), and may be repeated two, three, or even four times to express excessive veneration. (e.g. श्रीश्रीदुर्गा (śrī-śrī-durgā) etc.); it is also used as a respectful title (like "Reverend") to the names of eminent persons as well as of celebrated works and sacred objects (e.g. श्रीजयदेव (śrī-jayadeva)), and is often placed at the beginning or back of letters, manuscripts, important documents etc.; also before the words चरण (caraṇa) and पाद (pāda, feet), and even the end of personal names.