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Etymology 1[edit]

걧 ←

겟 →



  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]

First attested in the Seokbo sangjeol (釋譜詳節 / 석보상절), 1447, as . Compare Japanese ‎(koto, abstract thing), ‎(kusa, sort, kind; cause).



  1. A thing; an object, one (impersonal pronoun)
    비싼 ‎ ― bissan geot ― an expensive thing; something expensive; an (the) expensive one
  2. (used to create noun phrases) what; the thing which
    내가 원하는 ‎ ― nae-ga wonha-neun geotwhat I want
Derived terms[edit]
  • (geo) (contraction)
  • (ge) (contraction of 것이 (geosi))
  • (geol) (contraction of 것을 (geoseul))
  • (geon) (contraction of 것은 (geoseun))

See also[edit]

  • (got, “place”)
  • (got, “soon, immediately”)
  • (ga, “edge, side”)