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See also: og, Og, OG, óg, òg, o. g., -og, and 'og


Alternative forms[edit]

  • -eog (used after a slender consonant)


From Old Irish -óc (compare Scottish Gaelic -ag, Manx -ag), ultimately from Old Welsh.


-óg f

  1. used to form diminutives of nouns, or substantive nouns out of nominal, verbal, or adjectival roots
    ciar ‎(black) → ciaróg ‎(beetle)
    leadhb ‎(strip) → leadhbóg ‎(shred, tatter)
    milis ‎(sweet) → milseog ‎(dessert)
    reoite ‎(frozen) → reoiteog ‎(ice cream)
    scréach ‎(screech) → scréachóg ‎(jay)
    straois ‎(grin, grimace) → straoiseog ‎(smiley, emoticon)

Derived terms[edit]