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Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Slavic *-ъjь, with spelling imported from Church Slavonic; compare stressed -о́й (-ój).

Alternative forms[edit]


-ый (-yjm

  1. Masculine nominative singular adjective ending.

Etymology 2[edit]

From Proto-Slavic *-ъjь; see above.

Alternative forms[edit]


-ый (-yj)

  1. -ed
    одно- (odno-, one) + глаз (glaz, eye)одногла́зый (odnoglázyj, one-eyed)
    све́тлый (svétlyj, light) + во́лос (vólos, hair)светловоло́сый (svetlovolósyj, light-haired)
    без- (bez-, without) + зуб (zub, tooth)беззу́бый (bezzúbyj, toothless, literally no-toothed)
Usage notes[edit]
  • This suffix is used particularly with two-part compounds, where the second part normally refers to a body part.
  • The stress is drawn onto the preceding syllable.
  • These adjectives consistently have short forms of accent pattern a.
  • The suffix has the variant -ий (-ij) used particularly after velars (к г х) due to Russian spelling rules.
Derived terms[edit]