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  1. nominative feminine singular of -illus
  2. nominative neuter plural of -illus
  3. accusative neuter plural of -illus
  4. vocative feminine singular of -illus
  5. vocative neuter plural of -illus
  6. ablative feminine singular of -illus



-illa ‎(masculine counterpart -illo)

  1. Added to feminine nouns to denote a diminutive form.

Usage notes[edit]

  • If the noun has a final vowel (usually -a), it is dropped before adding -illa.
  • In most cases, -illa is used simply to indicate a small or endeared thing, without changing the basic meaning of the noun; however, in some cases, it is used to effect a greater change in meaning, such as bombilla ‎(light-bulb), from bomba ‎(bomb).
  • Different nouns tend to prefer different diminutive suffixes (see synonyms below), though some nouns accept multiple diminutives and there is often regional or personal variation.
  • For masculine nouns ending in “-a”, there is some alternation between the gender-reflecting diminutive -illo and the ending-reflecting diminutive -illa. When the latter is used, -ill- may be considered an infix.


Derived terms[edit]