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Alternative forms[edit]


Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle High German alb, alp, from Old High German alp, from Proto-West Germanic *albi, from Proto-Germanic *albiz, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *albʰós. Doublet of Elf, borrowed from English later.


Alb m (genitive Albs or Albes or Alben, plural Alben)

  1. elf, especially an evil one
    Synonyms: Elf, Elb, Elbe
  2. nightmare or physical ailment (formerly believed to be caused by an elf sitting on one's chest while one slept)
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

From Alemannic German Alp, from Middle High German albe, from Old High German alba.

Alb f

  1. (dialectal) mountainous area, upland
    Schwäbische AlbSwabian Jura


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