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From Jack +‎ -son.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A British patronymic surname​.
  2. A male given name transferred from the surname.
    • 2004 Kate Atkinson, Case Histories, ISBN 0385 607997 pages 158:
      Francis was named for his mother's father and Jackson himself was named for his father's mother. Not that his grandmother was called Jackson, of course - it was a maiden name (Margaret Jackson) and it was a Scottish tradition, his father informed him.
  3. Andrew Jackson, President of the United States (1829–1837).
  4. Michael Jackson, singer and entertainer (1958–2009).
  5. The capital of Mississippi.
  6. A city in Alabama
  7. A city in California
  8. A city in Georgia, USA
  9. A city in Kentucky
  10. A town in Louisiana
  11. A town in Maine
  12. A city in Michigan
  13. A city in Minnesota
  14. A city in Missouri
  15. A village in Nebraska
  16. A town in New Hampshire
  17. A town in New York
  18. A town in North Carolina
  19. A city in Ohio
  20. A town in Queensland, Australia
  21. A town in South Carolina
  22. A city in Tennessee
  23. One of three towns in Wisconsin
  24. A town in Wyoming
  25. (US) A 20-dollar banknote
    • 1955, Ray Charles, Greenbacks
      She looked at me with that familiar desire
      Her eyes lit up like they were on fire
      She said, "My name's Flo, and you're on the right track,
      But look here, daddy, I wear furs on my back,
      So if you want to have fun in this man's land,
      Let Lincoln and Jackson start shaking hands."

Derived terms[edit]