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Earliest Usenet uses found via Google Groups:

  • stuff (noun): net.periphs - May 12 1981, 4:53 pm by sdcsvax
    The fan-fold stuff is nice because it easily bursts into pages, but the print quality is poor compared to the roll paper.
  • stuffs (verb): net.jokes - Feb 1 1982, 9:55 pm by watmath
    "Got to go, got to get out of town, they all know, it's all blown open", says Artie hastly as he stuffs more shirts into his case.
  • stuffing (verb): - Feb 2 1982, 12:25 am by sdcarl
    When the diver is grabbing some of the treasure it's arm moves back and forth from the treasure chest to the bag it's stuffing it into.
  • stuffing (noun): net.cooks - Feb 6 1982, 10:42 am by eagle
    The stuffing is chopped garlic, mozzarella (sp?), and chopped tomatoes.
  • stuffed (adj): net.cooks - Mar 4 1982, 2:13 pm by genradbo
    B A K E D S T U F F E D C A R I B O U H E A R T
  • stuffing (gerund): net.cooks - Mar 19 1982, 11:09 am by pur-ee
    Stuffing the developer can be a little awkward at first, but you'll get the hang of it with a little practice.
  • stuffed (passive verb): net.cooks - Apr 13 1982, 12:41 pm by azure
    Estimate the amount by guessing at twice the volume of the bird to be stuffed.
  • stuff it (vulgar): net.misc - Jun 13 1982, 10:00 pm by watmath
    If someone calls you a computer addict, chain yourself to your terminal and tell him to stuff it.
  • stuffed (past tense): net.cooks - Jul 2 1982, 8:29 pm by utzoo
    You stuffed the camel with four sheep.
  • stuff's (stuff has): net.flame - Dec 6 1982, 4:29 am by mhuxi
    You Treat eaters don't count -- that stuff's got no class.
  • stuff's (possessive): net.movies - Nov 4 1983, 8:41 am by Wally Dietrich
    Right Stuff's Glenn == Under Fire's Mercenary ??
  • stuffed (past participle): net.religion - Jan 4 1984, 12:25 am by a
    As I say, I don't know myself that the philosophy I've stuffed in a nutshell here is how things really are.
  • stuff's (stuff is): net.cooks - Jan 11 1984, 1:11 pm by Tom Chmara
    Sorry no more information on the model; all the stuff's at home.

The first use of the verb in the infinitive will take more work to find... — Hippietrail 14:16, 26 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Plural stuffs[edit]

The book I'm reading is 150 years old and in it I have encountered the noun stuff used several times in the plural. We do not cover such a sense yet. — Hippietrail 15:39, 14 October 2005 (UTC)


The Frankish connection is less than certain. The Oxford English Dictionary says, in the Etymology of "stuff" n.1:

The ultimate etymology is obscure. Diez conjectured that the Romance stoffa and the related verb stoffare (stuff v.1) are derived from the Old High German *stopfôn (Middle High German, modern German stopfen) to plug with oakum, which (as explained s.v. stop v.) represents a West Germanic adoption of medieval Latin stuppāre to plug, stop up, < stuppa tow, oakum. This is open to strong objections: the likelihood of a specifically High German etymon for a Common Romance word is questionable, and the original sense of the Romance verb appears to be, not ‘to plug or stop up’, but ‘to garnish or store with something’.

That in turn calls into question any cognate relationship based on derivation from the Frankish word and meaning. I've added this uncertainty to the Etymology section ("possibly"). --Thnidu (talk) 22:27, 22 August 2013 (UTC)

stuffing coke?[edit]

Is there a sense for the verb meaning to "stuff your nose with cocaine"? Thanks, --Ahoraes (talk) 00:40, 19 October 2018 (UTC)