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Hello! I am an administrator over at the English Wikipedia next door. You can find my user page there, with much more information about me.

I have an interest protologisms, slang/jargon, and rare English words.

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Word of the day for March 24
rhematic adj
  1. Of or pertaining to a rheme.
    1. (linguistics) Of a part of a sentence: providing new information regarding the current theme.
    2. (Peircean semiotics) Of or pertaining to a sumisign (a sign that represents its object in respect of quality and so, in its signified interpretant, is represented as a character or mark).
  2. (obsolete) Of or pertaining to word formation.
  3. (obsolete, rare) In Coleridge's work: relating to the arrangement of words into sentences clearly.
  4. (grammar, obsolete, rare) Having a verb for its base; derived from a verb.

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Foreign word of the day  in Czech
hrst f, noun
  1. human palm bent into the shape of a bowl or grasping something
  2. handful (the amount a hand will grasp or contain)
  3. a little or a few
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Other words

Just some made-up words (neologisms) that sound like they could be English words
...and as it turned out, some of them actually really were English words!