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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
fabrika (Bosnian, Serbian) factory, industrial pl ... tag
фабрика (Bosnian, Serbian) factory, industrial pl ... tag
fadzola (regional) bean
fagot bassoon
фагот bassoon
faktor factor Croatian
фактор factor
fakultet college Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
факултет college Serbian
falsifikat forgery, counterfeit (object)
фалсификат forgery, counterfeit (object)
falsifikator forger, counterfeiter
фалсификатор forger, counterfeiter
familija family
фамилија family
familijaran familiar, close, intimate (of a relationship, ...
фамилијаран familiar, close, intimate (of a relationship, ...
famozan famous
фамозан famous
famozno famously
фамозно famously
fanatik fanatic
фанатик fanatic
fanatizam (uncountable) fanatism Croatian
фанатизам (uncountable) fanatism
fanatičan fanatical
фанатичан fanatical
fanatičnost (uncountable) fanaticism Croatian
фанатичност (uncountable) fanaticism
fantastičan fantastic Croatian
фантастичан fantastic
fantastično fantastically Croatian
фантастично fantastically
fantazija fantasy
фантазија fantasy
fantom phantom Croatian
фантом phantom
faraon pharaoh (the supreme ruler of Ancient Egypt) Croatian
фараон pharaoh (the supreme ruler of Ancient Egypt)
farma farm
фарма farm
farmakolog pharmacologist
фармаколог pharmacologist
farmer farmer
фармер farmer
fasada facade
фасада facade
fascinacija fascination
фасцинација fascination
fascinantan fascinating
фасцинантан fascinating
fascinirati (transitive) to fascinate
фасцинирати (transitive) to fascinate
fatalan fatal
фаталан fatal
fatalno fatally
фатално fatally
favorit favorite (in a competition, usually sports)
фаворит favorite (in a competition, usually sports)
fazan pheasant Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
фазан pheasant Serbian
faзola (regional) bean Serbian,Montenegrin
fašistički fascist
фашистички fascist
fažola (regional) bean
federacija federation
федерација federation
федералан federal
federalni federal
federativan federal
федеративан federal
fekalije (plurale tantum) feces
фекалије (plurale tantum) feces
feljton feuilleton
фељтон feuilleton
feminizam (uncountable) feminism Croatian
феминизам (uncountable) feminism
Fenicija Phoenicia
Фениција Phoenicia
feniks phoenix Croatian
феникс phoenix
Feničanin Phoenician (inhabitant of Phoenicia)
Феничанин Phoenician (inhabitant of Phoenicia)
fenički Phoenician
фенички Phoenician
fenjer lantern Bosnian,Serbian
фењер lantern Serbian
fenomen phenomenon
феномен phenomenon
festival festival Bosnian,Serbian
фестивал festival Serbian
fetiš fetish
фетиш fetish
fetišizam (uncountable) fetishism Croatian
фетишизам (uncountable) fetishism
fetus fetus
фетус fetus
feudalac feudal lord
феудалац feudal lord
feudalan feudal
феудалан feudal
feudalizam (uncountable) feudalism Croatian
феудализам (uncountable) feudalism
fibula (skeleton) fibula, calf bone
фибула (skeleton) fibula, calf bone
figura figure Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
фигура figure Serbian
figurativan figurative
фигуративан figurative
figurativno figuratively
фигуративно figuratively
figurica figurine Croatian
фигурица figurine
fijaker coach, carriage (wheeled vehicle, generally d ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
фијакер coach, carriage (wheeled vehicle, generally d ... Serbian
fijasko fiasco
фијаско fiasco
fikcija fiction
фикција fiction
fiksan fixed
фиксан fixed
filantrop philanthropist Croatian
филантроп philanthropist
filantropija philanthropy Croatian
филантропија philanthropy
filantropski philanthropic Croatian
филантропски philanthropic
fildžan a very small, traditional coffee cup Bosnian,Serbian
филџан a very small, traditional coffee cup Serbian
Filipini the Philippines Croatian
Филипини the Philippines
film film (in photography) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
филм film (in photography)
filolog philologist Croatian
филолог philologist
filologija (uncountable) philology Croatian
филологија (uncountable) philology
filološki philological Croatian
филолошки philological
filozof philosopher Croatian
филозоф philosopher
filozofija philosophy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
филозофија philosophy Serbian
filtrirati (ambitransitive) to filter
филтрирати (ambitransitive) to filter
Finac Finn
Финац Finn
finale finale
финале finale
finalni final
финални final
financije (Croatian) (plurale tantum) finance tag Croatian
финанције (Croatian) (plurale tantum) finance tag
finansije (Bosnian, Serbian) (plurale tantum) f ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
финансије (Bosnian, Serbian) (plurale tantum) f ... tag Serbian
findžan a very small, traditional coffee cup Bosnian,Serbian
финџан a very small, traditional coffee cup Serbian
finiš finish (end of race etc.) Croatian
финиш finish (end of race etc.)
finoća (uncountable) sensitivity, refinement, fi ...
финоћа (uncountable) sensitivity, refinement, fi ...
Finska Finland Croatian
Финска Finland Serbian
finski Finnish Croatian
фински Finnish
firma firm, company
фирма firm, company
fisija fission
фисија fission
fiskalni fiscal
фискални fiscal
fitilj fuse (cord)
фитиљ fuse (cord)
fizika physics Croatian
физика physics
fiziolog physiologist
физиолог physiologist
fiziologija physiology
физиологија physiology
fiziološki physiologic
физиолошки physiologic
fizičar physicist
физичар physicist
fizičarka physicist (female)
физичарка physicist (female)
fizički physical
физички physical
fišek (firearms) cartridge
фишек (firearms) cartridge
flamanski Flemish
фламански Flemish
flaster plaster Bosnian,Serbian
фластер plaster Serbian
flauta flute Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
флаута flute Serbian
flaša bottle tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
флаша bottle tag Serbian
flegmatičan phlegmatic
флегматичан phlegmatic
flegmatično phlegmatically
флегматично phlegmatically
fleksibilan flexible
флексибилан flexible
fleksibilno flexibly
флексибилно flexibly
flert flirting, flirtation
флерт flirting, flirtation
flora flora
флора flora
flota fleet
флота fleet
fluid fluid
флуид fluid
fluidan fluid
флуидан fluid
fluktuacija fluctuation
флуктуација fluctuation
fluktuirati (intransitive) to fluctuate
флуктуирати (intransitive) to fluctuate
fluorescencija (uncountable) fluorescence
флуоресценција (uncountable) fluorescence
fluorescentan fluorescent
флуоресцентан fluorescent
fluvijalan fluvial
флувијалан fluvial
fobija phobia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
фобија phobia Serbian
fokus focus
фокус focus
folklor folklore Croatian
фолклор folklore
fond fund
фонд fund
fondacija foundation
фондација foundation
fonem phoneme Croatian
фонем phoneme
fonemski phonemic
фонемски phonemic
фонетика (linguistics) phonetics
fonetičar phonetician
фонетичар phonetician
fonetički phonetic
фонетички phonetic
fonetski phonetic
фонетски phonetic
fonologija phonology Croatian
фонологија phonology
fonološki phonological Croatian
фонолошки phonological
fonon phonon
фонон phonon
fontana fountain (artificial water feature) Croatian
фонтана fountain (artificial water feature)
forca (regional) force
forint forint
форинт forint
forinta forint
форинта forint
forma form, shape
форма form, shape
formacija formation Croatian
формација formation
formalan formal Croatian
формалан formal
formalno formally
формално formally
formalnost formality Croatian
формалност formality
formirati (transitive, reflexive) to form Croatian
формирати (transitive, reflexive) to form
formula (mathematics, chemistry, logic) formula Bosnian,Serbian
формула (mathematics, chemistry, logic) formula Serbian
formulacija formulation
формулација formulation
fortifikacija fortification
фортификација fortification
forum forum
форум forum
fosil fossil Croatian
фосил fossil
fotograf photographer Croatian
фотограф photographer
фотографија a photograph, picture
foton A photon
фотон photon
fotosinteza photosynthesis
фотосинтеза photosynthesis
fragmentaran fragmentary
фрагментаран fragmentary
frajer guy
franački Frankish
франачки Frankish
Francuska France Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Француска France Serbian
francuski French Bosnian,Serbian
француски French Serbian
Francuskinja Frenchwoman
Францускиња Frenchwoman
Francuz Frenchman
Француз Frenchman
fratar friar (usually Franciscan)
фратар friar (usually Franciscan)
fraza phrase Bosnian,Serbian
фраза phrase Serbian
frazeologija (uncountable) phraseology Croatian
фразеологија (uncountable) phraseology
fregata frigate
фрегата frigate
frekvencija frequency (all senses)
фреквенција frequency (all senses)
frekventan frequent
фреквентан frequent
freska fresco
фреска fresco
frigidan frigid
фригидан frigid
frikativ fricative Croatian
фрикатив fricative
frikcija (uncountable) friction Croatian
фрикција (uncountable) friction
frivolan frivolous
фриволан frivolous
frivolno frivolously
фриволно frivolously
frizura haircut
фризура haircut
frižider (colloquial) refrigerator
фрижидер (colloquial) refrigerator
frkati (intransitive) to snort
фркати (intransitive) to snort
front (military) front
фронт (military) front
frontalan frontal
фронталан frontal
frontalno frontally
фронтално frontally
frumantin (regional) corn, maize
frustracija frustration Croatian
фрустрација frustration
frustriran frustrated
фрустриран frustrated
fudbal (uncountable, sport) football, soccer tag Bosnian,Serbian
фудбал (uncountable, sport) football, soccer tag Serbian
fudbaler (Bosnian, Serbian) footballer tag
фудбалер (Bosnian, Serbian) footballer tag
fundamentalan fundamental, basic Croatian
фундаменталан fundamental, basic
fundamentalistički fundamentalist (in a fundamentalist way, of o ...
фундаменталистички fundamentalist (in a fundamentalist way, of o ...
fundamentalna interakcija (physics) fundamental interaction
фундаментална интеракција (physics) fundamental interaction
funkcija function Croatian
функција function
funkcionalan functional
функционалан functional
funkcionalno functionally
функционално functionally
fusnota footnote
фуснота footnote