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Information desk
Newcomers' questions, minor problems, specific requests for information or assistance.

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Beer parlour
General policy discussions and proposals, requests for permissions and major announcements.

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Tea room
Questions and discussions about specific words.

News for editors - Announcements

Grease pit
Technical questions, requests and discussions.


Etymology scriptorium
Questions and discussions about etymology- the historical development of words.

Phrasebook - Wikisaurus - Rhymes - Appendices - Names - Picture dictionary

Wiktionary policies:

Criteria for inclusion - Entry layout explained - Blocking policy - Redirections - Bots - Quotations - Page deletion guidelines
Neutral point of view - Language considerations

Request pages:

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Requests for cleanup: Cleanup requests, questions and discussions.
Requests for verification: Verification and general deletion nominations and discussion.
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Requests for deletion: Deletion for policy problems; request listings, questions and discussions.

Requests for deletion/Others: Special page deletion requests, questions and discussions.

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Requests for moves, mergers and splits: Moves, mergers and splits; requests listings, questions and discussions.
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Discussion pages relating to specific languages:

Wiktionary talk:About ChineseWiktionary talk:About CzechWiktionary talk:About DutchWiktionary talk:About EnglishWiktionary talk:About FinnishWiktionary talk:About FrenchWiktionary talk:About GermanWiktionary talk:About GreekWiktionary talk:About Ancient GreekWiktionary talk:About HungarianWiktionary talk:About ItalianWiktionary talk:About JapaneseWiktionary talk:About Korean Wiktionary talk:About LatinWiktionary talk:About RussianWiktionary talk:About Serbo-CroatianWiktionary talk:About SpanishWiktionary talk:About Swedish

Mailing list - IRC channel - Requested entries - Vandalism in progress - Recent Changes (by language) - Todo - Wiktionarians
Wanted: sco:plaek · cop:ⲥⲉ · en:sursum- · de:Michaja · cel-pro:*kʷenkʷekont · bg:някои · sh:bismo/бисмо · mul: (+/-)


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