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Have an entry request? Add it to the list – but please:

  • Consider creating a citations page with your evidence that the word exists instead of simply listing it here
  • Think twice before adding long lists of words as they may be ignored.
  • If possible provide context, usage, field of relevance, etc.
  • Check the Wiktionary:Criteria for inclusion if you are unsure if it belongs in the dictionary.
  • If the entry already exists, but seems incomplete or incorrect, do not add it here; add a request template to the entry itself to ask someone to fix the problem, e.g. {{rfp}} or {{rfe}} for pronunciation or etymology respectively.
    — Note also that such requests, like the information requested, belong on the base form of a word, not on inflected forms.

Please remove entries from this list once they have been written (i.e. the link is “live”, shown in blue, and has a section for the correct language)

There are a few things you can do to help:

  • Add glosses or brief definitions.
  • Add the part of speech, preferably using a standardized template.
  • If you know what a word means, consider creating the entry yourself instead of using this request page.
  • Please indicate the gender(s) .
  • If you see inflected forms (plurals, past tenses, superlatives, etc.) indicate the base form (singular, infinitive, absolute, etc.) of the requested term and the type of inflection used in the request.
  • For words which are listed here only in their romanized form, please add the correct form in Devanagari script.
  • Don’t delete words just because you don’t know them – it may be that they are used only in certain contexts or are archaic or obsolete.
  • Don’t simply replace words with what you believe is the correct form. The form here may be rare or regional. Instead add the standard form and comment that the requested form seems to be an error in your experience.

Requested-entry pages for other languages: Category:Requested entries.

Devanagari script not known[edit]

  • [script needed] (dṛṣṭānta)
  • [script needed] (bhāṣyakara)
  • द्विष् (dviš, to) - this is verbal root, lemma at dvéṣṭi (third-person singular present active indicative)
  • ष्टीवति (ṣṭīvati, to spit)
  • हल (hala) - expand
  • जिहीते (jíhīte, to jump, fly)
  • कोक (kóka, goose)
  • शीघ (śīgha, quick) (Middle Indo-Aryan)
  • चष् (caṣ, to eat)
  • तर्ण (tarṇa, calf), तर्णक (tarṇaka, any young animal)
  • कर्कर (karkara, hard, firm), करक (karaka, cocoa-nut shell)
  • ऋजिप्य (ṛji-pyá, darting along)
  • संचार (saṃ-cāra, walking about, wandering; way, path)
  • म्रिष्यते (mriṣyate, to forget)
  • स्थलति (sthalati, to stand firm)
  • वाघत् (vāghát, the institutor of a sacrifice)
  • वन्धुर (vandhúra, chariot driver's box)
  • [[निरन्तरान्धकारिता-दिगन्तर-कन्दलदमन्द-सुधारस-बिन्दु-सान्द्रतर-घनाघन-वृन्द-सन्देहकर-स्यन्दमान-मकरन्द-बिन्दु-बन्धुरतर-माकन्द-तरु-कुल-तल्प-कल्प-मृदुल-सिकता-जाल-जटिल-मूल-तल-मरुवक-मिलदलघु-लघु-लय-कलित-रमणीय-पानीय-शालिका-बालिका-करार-विन्द-गलन्तिका-गलदेला-लवङ्ग-पाटल-घनसार-कस्तूरिकातिसौरभ-मेदुर-लघुतर-मधुर-शीतलतर-सलिलधारा-निराकरिष्णु-तदीय-विमल-विलोचन-मयूख-रेखापसारित-पिपासायास-पथिक-लोकान्#Sanskrit|निरन्तरान्धकारिता-दिगन्तर-कन्दलदमन्द-सुधारस-बिन्दु-सान्द्रतर-घनाघन-वृन्द-सन्देहकर-स्यन्दमान-मकरन्द-बिन्दु-बन्धुरतर-माकन्द-तरु-कुल-तल्प-कल्प-मृदुल-सिकता-जाल-जटिल-मूल-तल-मरुवक-मिलदलघु-लघु-लय-कलित-रमणीय-पानीय-शालिका-बालिका-करार-विन्द-गलन्तिका-गलदेला-लवङ्ग-पाटल-घनसार-कस्तूरिकातिसौरभ-मेदुर-लघुतर-मधुर-शीतलतर-सलिलधारा-निराकरिष्णु-तदीय-विमल-विलोचन-मयूख-रेखापसारित-पिपासायास-पथिक-लोकान्]] (nirantarāndhakāritā-digantara-kandaladamanda-sudhārasa-bindu-sāndratara-ghanāghana-vr̥nda-sandehakara-syandamāna-makaranda-bindu-bandhuratara-mākanda-taru-kula-talpa-kalpa-mr̥dula-sikatā-jāla-jaṭila-mūla-tala-maruvaka-miladalaghu-laghu-laya-kalita-ramaṇīya-pānīya-śālikā-bālikā-karāra-vinda-galantikā-galadelā-lavaṅga-pāṭala-ghanasāra-kastūrikātisaurabha-medura-laghutara-madhura-śītalatara-saliladhārā-nirākariṣṇu-tadīya-vimala-vilocana-mayūkha-rekhāpasārita-pipāsāyāsa-pathika-lokān, In it, the distress, caused by thirst, to travellers, was alleviated by clusters of rays of the bright eyes of the girls; the rays that were shaming the currents of light, sweet and cold water charged with the strong fragrance of cardamom, clove, saffron, camphor and musk and flowing out of the pitchers (held in) the lotus-like hands of maidens (seated in) the beautiful water-sheds, made of the thick roots of vetiver mixed with marjoram, (and built near) the foot, covered with heaps of couch-like soft sand, of the clusters of newly sprouting mango trees, which constantly darkened the intermediate space of the quarters, and which looked all the more charming on account of the trickling drops of the floral juice, which thus caused the delusion of a row of thick rainy clouds, densely filled with abundant nectar.) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longest_words#Sanskrit
  • ज्ञानी - has Hindi, needs Sanskrit
  • भैरव
  • सम्धि (samdhí, connection, treaty, peace) - see Proto-Slavic *sǫdi (judge)
  • अश्न (aśna, gluttonous) - mentioned in Proto-Finnic *ahnas (greedy)
  • द्युमान् (dyumān) - mentioned in Proto-Uralic *juma (god)

अ [a][edit]

आ [aː][edit]

इ [i][edit]

ई [iː][edit]

उ [u][edit]

ऊ [uː][edit]

ऋ [ɻ, ṛ][edit]

ॠ [ɻː, ṛː][edit]

ए [eː][edit]

ऐ [aːi][edit]

ओ [o][edit]

औ [ʌ][edit]

अं [aŋ][edit]

अं [ə̃][edit]

अं [əh][edit]

अं [ḷ][edit]

अं [ḷː][edit]

ऍ [ɛ][edit]

ऎ [ĕ][edit]

ऑ [ɔ][edit]

ऒ [ŏ][edit]

क [ka][edit]

क्ष [kṣa][edit]

ख [kʰa][edit]

ग [ga][edit]

घ [gʰa][edit]

च [c][edit]

छ [cʰ][edit]

ज [ɟ][edit]

झ [ɟʰ][edit]

ञ [ɲ][edit]

ट [ʈ][edit]

ठ [ʈʰ][edit]

ड [ɖ][edit]

द्व [ɖʋ][edit]

ढ [ɖʰ][edit]

ण [ɳ][edit]

त [t][edit]

थ [tʰ][edit]

द [d][edit]

ध [dʰ][edit]

न [n][edit]

प [p][edit]

फ [pʰ][edit]

ब [b][edit]

  • बौद्ध (bauddʰa, relating to intellect or understanding, being in the mind, mental, relating or belonging to buddha, Buddhist)
  • बलाहक (balāhaka, cloud)

भ [bʰ][edit]

म [m][edit]

य [j][edit]

र [r][edit]

ल [l][edit]

व [ʋ][edit]

श [ɕ,ʃ][edit]

श्र [ʃr][edit]

ष [ʂ][edit]

स [s][edit]

स्त [st][edit]

स्फ [sph][edit]

ह [a][edit]