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From Late Latin abbattere, from Latin battere.


  • IPA(key): /abˈ
  • Rhymes: -attere
  • Hyphenation: ab‧bàt‧te‧re


abbàttere (first-person singular present abbàtto, first-person singular past historic abbattéi, past participle abbattùto, auxiliary avére) (transitive)

  1. to throw down; to knock down; to bring down; to fell
    Synonyms: buttare giù, atterrare, tagliare
    abbattere l'alberoto fell the tree
    abbattere l'aereoto shoot down the airplane
  2. to demolish; to destroy
    Synonyms: atterrare, demolire, distruggere, smantellare, diroccare, scalzare, devastare
    abbattere l'edificio trabbalanteto demolish the rickety building
  3. to topple; to overthrow
    Synonyms: rovesciare, destabilizzare
    abbattere il regime tirannicoto overthrow the tyrannical regime
  4. to reduce dramatically; to cut; to slash
    abbattere i costito cut prices
  5. to dismay; to demoralize; to discourage
    Synonyms: annientare, deprimere; see also Thesaurus:abbattere
    abbattere lo spirito
    to bring down one's spirits
  6. to kill; to put down
    Synonyms: uccidere, ammazzare, fare fuori, macellare
    abbattere il maialeto kill the pig
  7. to destroy (an argument, etc.); to refute; to rebut
    Synonyms: demolire, confutare
  8. (obsolete) to leave ajar
    Synonym: socchiudere
  9. (obsolete) to lower
    Synonym: abbassare
  10. (obsolete) to abolish
    Synonym: abolire
  11. (neologism) to blast chill (to quickly cool down)


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