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From Late Latin battere, variant of Latin battuere (to beat, hit), present active infinitive of battuō.


  • IPA(key): /ˈ
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -attere
  • Hyphenation: bàt‧te‧re


bàttere (first-person singular present bàtto, first-person singular past historic battéi, past participle battùto, auxiliary avére)

  1. (transitive) to beat, to strike, to hit
    Synonyms: colpire, percuotere; see also Thesaurus:battere
    battere il ferroto strike the iron
    1. (transitive, intransitive, by extension) to beat (to move with pulsation) [auxiliary avere]
      Synonym: pulsare
    2. (transitive, intransitive, by extension) to thresh (to separate grain) [auxiliary avere]
  2. (transitive) to defeat, to overcome, to beat
    Synonyms: vincere, sconfiggere, superare, sbaragliare, abbattere, polverizzare
    mi ha battutohe beat me
  3. (transitive) to strike (a time)
    Synonyms: rintoccare, scandire, ritmare, suonare
    l'orologio batte le trethe clock strikes three
  4. (transitive) to type
  5. (transitive, by extension) to input the price of (an item) into a cash register
  6. (transitive) to hit (a body part) repeatedly
    battere le manito clap (one's hands)
    battere i pugnito slam one's fists
    battere gli occhito blink repeatedly
    battere i dentito chatter (one's teeth)
  7. (transitive) to stub (jam or hit a body part)
  8. (transitive) to frequent or hang out at (a place)
    Synonyms: percorrere, perlustrare, esplorare, ispezionare, rastrellare, frequentare, bazzicare, girare
    battere il nightto frequent the nightclub
  9. (transitive) to mint; to coin
    battere monetato coin (literally, “mint a coin”)
  10. (transitive) to prostitute
    Synonyms: prostituirsi, vendersi
  11. (transitive) to award in an auction
  12. (transitive) to compact a snowpack
  13. (transitive, hunting) to beat (strike to drive out game)
  14. (transitive, by extension) to chase (prey)
  15. (transitive, by extension) (of a police force) to patrol; to scour
  16. (transitive, card games) to play (a card)
  17. (transitive, card games) in the game of baccarà, to reveal (the cards)
  18. (transitive, sports) to serve
  19. (transitive, music) to mark the tempo (of a musical composition)
  20. (intransitive) (with contro, in, or su) to bump (into); (with con) to bump into something (with) [auxiliary avere]
    Synonyms: sbattere, urtare, cozzare
  21. (intransitive) (with su or contro) to fall (on/over) violently; to hit [auxiliary avere]
    la piove batte sui vetrithe rain is hitting the glass
  22. (intransitive) (also with su) (of a light source, especially the sun) to illuminate; to shine [auxiliary avere]
    Synonym: picchiare
  23. (intransitive) to knock [auxiliary avere]
    Synonym: bussare
  24. (intransitive) (with su) to insist; to hammer [auxiliary avere]
    Synonyms: insistere, perseverare


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