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s- +‎ battere, or possibly a Vulgar Latin *exbattere, from Latin battuere.



  1. (transitive) to beat
    Synonyms: battere, colpire; see also Thesaurus:battere
  2. (transitive) to bump (into)
    Synonyms: picchiare, urtare, cozzare
  3. (transitive) to throw; to fling; to hurl
    Synonyms: buttare, lanciare; see also Thesaurus:gettare
  4. (transitive, intransitive) to close with a sharp and violent hit; to slam
    Synonyms: chiudere con forza, sbatacchiare
  5. (transitive, intransitive) to shake or agitate repeatedly
    sbattere il ventaglioto fan a hand-held fan
    sbattere le alito flap the wings
    sbattere le palpebreto blink
    le vele sbattanothe sails are flapping
  6. (transitive, by extension) to whisk (eggs)
  7. (transitive, by extension) to whip (cream, etc.)
  8. (transitive) (also with in) to ship or transfer (someone) (to) (a distant or unwelcoming place)
    l'hanno sbattuto in una sede di periferiathey threw him in a suburban location
  9. (transitive) (with in or a) to make (someone) do (an unpleasant task)
    mi hanno sbattuto a gestire il problemathey made me manage the problem
  10. (transitive, familiar) to store and subsequently disregard or neglect
    Synonyms: riporre, mettere da parte, mettere in serbo, conservare, accantonare
    ha sbattuto i vecchi vestiti in soffitta
    he stored the old clothes in the attic
  11. (transitive, familiar) to exhaust or tire out
    Synonyms: spossare, stancare; see also Thesaurus:stancare
  12. (transitive, slang) to fuck
  13. (rare) to refute (an argument, claim, etc.)
  14. (rare) to deduct
  15. (archaic) to weaken


Derived terms[edit]