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Either derived from susto, or less likely from a Latin suscitāre, present active infinitive of suscitō (which would hypothetically make it a cognate with English suscitate). More likely linked to Latin substāre, present active infinitive of substō, from sub- + stō. Compare Portuguese assustar.



asustar (first-person singular present asusto, first-person singular preterite asusté, past participle asustado)

  1. (transitive) to scare, to frighten, to spook
  2. (transitive) to freak out (somebody), to creep out
  3. (transitive) to startle
  4. (reflexive) to be scared, frightened
    Synonyms: tener miedo, temer
  5. (reflexive) to freak out, to get freaked out, to panic
    Me asusté cuando de la nada, un escarabajo voló hacia mí y se me metió en el pelo.
    I freaked out when out of nowhere, a beetle flew at me and got in my hair.



Related terms[edit]