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From bagāts ‎(rich) +‎ -īgs.




bagātīgs (def. bagātīgais, comp. bagātīgāks, sup. visbagātīgākais; adv. bagātīgi)

  1. rich, varied, diverse (having many forms, shapes, qualities; having many different components)
    bagātīga gleznu klāsts — a rich choice of paintings
    bagātīga preču izvēle — a rich choice of goods
    bagātīga un daudzveidīga ir mūsu zemes daba — our country's nature is rich and varied
  2. rich, wide, comprehensive, inclusive
    bagātīga izdoma, fantāzijarich imagination, fantasy
    bagātīga gara pasaulerich spiritual world
  3. (of numbers, volumes) rich, large, high, abundant, plentiful
    bagātīgs lomsrich, abundant catch
    iegūt bagātīgu ražu — to get a rich harvest
    jau pirmajā izstādes dienā apmeklētaju skaits bija bagātīgs — already in the first day of the exhibition the number of visitors was large
  4. rich (complete, full; generous, impressive)
    bagātīga atlīdzība — a rich reward
  5. rich, precious, expensive (made with valuable, precious, expensive materials)
    bagātīgs apģērbsrich outfit, clothes
    bagātīgas villainesrich plaid
  6. (of time periods) rich, fertile, productive
    bagātīgs rudens, gadsrich autumn, year



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