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big deal (plural big deals)

  1. (idiomatic, informal, often sarcastic) Something very important or difficult; a matter of great concern; a considerable feat or achievement.
    It's a big deal to him to get this promotion.
    It's no big deal if you don't finish it today.
    So you beat the worst team in the league. Big deal, call the TV crews.
    Why do you always have to make such a big deal of tiny punctuation errors?
  2. (idiomatic, informal) Someone very important; a VIP.
    She's a big deal in music in Spain.

Derived terms[edit]



big deal

  1. (idiomatic, informal, ironic) Indicates that something is not important or impressive; so what.
    He can run a mile in six minutes? Big deal! Some people can do it in four.