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bolt-on (plural bolt-ons)

  1. An additional service or functionality for a mobile telephone subscription
  2. An accessory that can be attached by bolting it on.
    • 2017 May 13, Barney Ronay, “Antonio Conte’s brilliance has turned Chelsea’s pop-up team into champions”, in the Guardian[1]:
      Friday night’s crowning victory at The Hawthorns was the 25th in 30 league matches since Antonio Conte’s decisive re-gearing of his team in September, the tactical switches that have coaxed such a thrilling run from this team of bolt-ons and upcycled squad players, most notably Victor Moses, who was dredged out of the laundry bin in the autumn to become a key part of the title surge.


bolt-on (not comparable)

  1. (computing) Used to extend an existing system, operating as a plug-in or add-on.
    • 1990, InfoWorld (volume 12, number 39, page 63)
      This week we take a close look at four top contenders in the multitasking arena [] Other bolt-on multitaskers for PCs not included in this comparison include VM/386, Omniview, and Double DOS.