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From Latin concurro, concurrere, possibly a semi-learned borrowing. Equivalent con- +‎ correr.


concorrer (first-person singular present indicative concorro, past participle concorrido)

  1. (transitive with a) to run for (to be a candidate in an election for a given post)
    Meu pai concorreu a presidente e perdeu.
    My father ran for president and lost.
  2. (transitive with a) to have the chance of winning a given prize
    Precisamos comprar dez bilhetes para concorrermos ao carro.
    We need to buy ten tickets in order to have the chance of winning the car.
  3. (intransitive, or transitive with com) to compete with (to strive for the same thing)
    Ele concorrera com poucos candidatos.
    He had competed with few candidates.
  4. (obsolete, intransitive) to concur (to run together)
    A linha de frente concorreria até os derrotados.
    The front line would then concur towards the defeated.
  5. (transitive or auxiliary with para and a verb in the infinitive) to contribute to (to be a factor in the occurrence of)
    Sua doação concorre para o fim da miséria.
    Your donation contributes to the end of misery.
    Concorremos para terminar o projeto.
    We contributed to finishing the project.
  6. (transitive with em) to coexist in, especially in disharmony
    Duas religiões concorriam naquele país.
    Two religions coexisted in that country.
  7. (intransitive, or transitive with com) to concur with; to agree with (to have the same opinion as)
    Concorro com o que disseram.
    I concur with what you said.



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