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dodge +‎ -y. Derived from the verb dodge. First used in mid-19th century England.



dodgy ‎(comparative dodgier, superlative dodgiest)

  1. (Britain, Australia, New Zealand) evasive and shifty
    Asked why, a spokesman gave a dodgy answer about legal ramifications.
  2. (Britain, Australia, New Zealand) unsound and unreliable
    Never listen to dodgy advice.
    The dodgy old machine kept breaking down.
  3. dishonest
    The more money the better, because there is always that dodgy politician or corrupt official to bribe.
    I am sure you wouldn't want to be seen buying dodgy gear, would you? (stolen goods).
  4. risky
    This is a slightly dodgy plan, because there is a lot that is being changed for this fix.
  5. deviant
    He's a dodgy Peeping Tom.
  6. uncomfortable and weird
    The situation was right dodgy.
    I'm feeling dodgy today, probably got the flu.



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