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  • Hyphenation: drop-in


drop-in (not comparable)

  1. Provided for short-term use.
  2. (manufacturing) Fit to substitute for some element in a complex system without changes to the existing infrastructure.
    We need the ultimate drop-in biofuel to make use of our expensive oil-based infrastructure.
    • 2012, Robert Mendelsohn, Ariel Dinar, Handbook on Climate Change and Agriculture, page 276
      An alternative to cellulosic based second- generation biofuels are drop-in biofuels, that is, fuels such as synthetic gasoline that can be put into fuel tanks and pipelines with no modifications.
  3. (of a place or facility) Allowing people to drop in; that is, to visit casually, without an appointment.
    a drop-in centre


drop-in (plural drop-ins)

  1. One who casually drops in (visits unannounced or without appointment).
    Synonym: walk-in
    The office was efficient, but not well equipped to handle drop-ins.
  2. An informal event that does not require booking in advance.
    Synonym: walk-in
  3. A place that can be visited casually, without an appointment.
    Synonym: walk-in
  4. (surfing) The act of dropping in; that is, taking a wave that another surfer is already riding.
    • 2004, Bill Mattos, Kayak Surfing, page 37:
      Drop-ins can and often do happen accidentally. Sometimes you're so focussed on your take-off that you just don't see the other rider.

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