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From Middle High German vīren, from Old High German fīrōn, derived from fīra, whence modern Feier. Compare Dutch vieren.


  • IPA(key): /ˈfaɪ̯ɐn/, [ˈfaɪ̯ɐn]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: fei‧ern


feiern (third-person singular simple present feiert, past tense feierte, past participle gefeiert, auxiliary haben)

  1. (transitive or intransitive) to celebrate; to party; applicable from the most solemn to the most revelrous forms
    In dieser Kirche wird jeden Abend die Heilige Messe gefeiert.
    In this church, Holy Mass is celebrated every evening.
    Die Hochzeitsgäste feierten bis zum frühen Morgen.
    The wedding guests partied until the early morning.
  2. (transitive, colloquial, youth slang) to love; to adore
    Alter, ich feier das Lied voll!
    I just love this song, mate!


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