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From iniquity +‎ -ous.



iniquitous (comparative more iniquitous, superlative most iniquitous)

  1. Wicked or sinful.
    Synonyms: flagitious, nefarious
    • 1910, Jack London, Burning Daylight[1]:
      This public making of him over into an iniquitous monster had pretty well crushed any lingering hope he had of getting acquainted with Dede Mason.
  2. Morally objectionable.
    Synonym: perverse
    • 1813 January 27, [Jane Austen], Pride and Prejudice, volume (please specify |volume=I to III), London: [] [George Sidney] for T[homas] Egerton [], →OCLC:
      "It certainly is a most iniquitous affair," said Mr. Bennet, "and nothing can clear Mr. Collins from the guilt of inheriting Longbourn.
    • 1855 January 5, Anthony Trollope, “Mr. Bold’s Visit to Plumstead”, in The Warden, London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, →OCLC, page 193:
      Are you aware, sir, that we have gone to enormous expense to resist this iniquitous attempt of yours?
    • 1979, Blake Edwards, 10, spoken by Neighbor:
      I've had it. That's it George! For one year now, I've been providing X-rated entertainment and you reciprocate with PG! It's an iniquitous arrangement!


Derived terms[edit]