judgement day

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judgement day (plural judgement days)

  1. (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) The final trial of all humankind, both the living and the dead, by God expected to take place at the end of the world, when each is rewarded or punished according to their merits; the Final Judgment, the Last Judgment.
    Synonyms: apocalypse, Armageddon, day of judgment, doomsday, final reckoning
    • 1968, Zager and Evans (lyrics and music), “In the Year 2525”:
      If God's a-coming, he ought to make it by then / Maybe he'll look around himself and say / “Guess it's time for the judgement day!”
    • 1982, Prince (lyrics and music), “1999 [title]”, in 1999:
      But when I woke up this morning / I could have sworn it was judgement day

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