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Via other European languages (probably French classe, maybe via German Klasse, ultimately a borrowing from Latin classis (a class or division of the people, assembly of people, the whole body of citizens called to arms, the army, the fleet, later a class or division in general).


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klase f (5th declension)

  1. (education) grade, class (a certain level of the education system or of a learning institution; group of students learning at that level)
    mācīties piektajā klasē — to study in fifth grade
    pārcelt uz nākamo klasi — to move (up) to the next grade
    beigt astoņas klases — to finish eight grades (= 8th grade)
    vecākās klases — senior grades, classes
    klases biedriclassmates
    klases audzinātājsclass teacher
    vijoles, klavieru klase — violin, piano class
  2. classroom (space, usually a room, where a group of students of the same level of learning meet and study under the guidance of a teacher)
    ienākt klasē — to enter the classroom
    vēdināt klasi — to ventilate the classroom
    klases darbsclass work (= written work done in class)





klase c

  1. bunch; a group of a number of similar things, either growing together, or in a cluster or clump.