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Perhaps originally an adjective (“knotty”) with an extra l (there are dialectal forms without l, like mezgs “knotty”, as well as older parallel forms with a, like its Lithuanian cognate), from an earlier Proto-Baltic verb *mezg-ti “to braid, to tie in a knot” (cf. its still extant iterative form mežģīt), from Proto-Indo-European *mezg- (to knit, to tie, to bind), from which perhaps also mest “to throw” (q.v.). Cognates include Lithuanian mãzgas, dialectal mẽzgas, Old High German māsca, Old English max, mǣscr (loop, stitch), Old Norse mǫskvi (loop, stitch).[1]


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mezgls m (1st declension)

  1. knot (looping in a string, wire, thread or similar material, that ties or binds things together)
    sasiet mezglā — to tie together in (= with) a knot, to tie a knot
    raisīt, atraisīt mezglu — to tighten, to loosen a knot
    kaklasaites mezgls — (neck)tie knot
    Līdumu māte, lai nesajuktu bēgļu gaitās pavadīto dienu skaits, bija iesākusi siet aukliņā mezglus — mother Līdums, in order not to feel the number of days passed as fugitives, had began to tie knots in a string
  2. (figuratively) knot (difficulty, hardship; difficult situation)
    dzīve sametušies grūti atraisāmā mezglā — life had warped itself into a knot that was difficult to loosen
  3. (biology, anatomy) node, nodule (a thickening of some tissue, usually round or oval; a place where many fibrous elements come together)
    vairogdziedzera mezgli — thyroid nodules
    hemoroīdu mezgli — hemorrhoid nodules
    limfātisks mezgls — gland (lit. lymphatic nodule)
    nervu mezgls — ganglion (lit. nerve nodule)
    kukurūzas stiebra mezgli — corn stalk nodes
    labāk varēs izcirst sakņu mezglus — it will be easier to cut the (tree) root nodes (= tight bunch of roots twisted together)
  4. (engineering) a set of pieces or parts that forms an element in a larger engine
    motors bija gudri organizēts un uzticams detaļu un mezglu kopums — the motor was a well-organized and reliable set of parts and sub-assemblies/units
  5. (construction) a point where various elements meet; a part that links or connects various elements or parts
    spāru mezgls — rafter junction, node
    torņus ceļ no baļķiem, šķautņiem un dēļiem... konstrukcijas savieno mezglos ar bultām un naglām — towers are built with logs, edges, and boards... the construction is united in junctions/nodes with bolts and nails
  6. junction, center, hub (crossing point for different roads, streets, routes; point from which something is controled, directed)
    svarīgs ielu mezgls — an important road junction
    dzelzceļa mezgls — railway junction (= station which connects various lines)
    sakaru mezgls — communication hub, center
    transporta mezgls' — transportation hub, center
    lidojumu vadīšanas apstākļi lielos aviācijas mezglos ir ļoti sarežģīti — the conditions for orienting flights in large aviation hubs are very difficult
  7. center, nucleus (a place where a certain group of objects — e.g., buildings, machinery, equipment, etc. — is concentrated)
    svarīgs rūpniecības mezgls — a heavy industrial center
    sanitārais mezgls — sanitary center, sanitary facility (containing a toilet, a shower and a bathtub)
    rūpniecības mezglā iekļaujas savstarpēji saistīti dažādu nozaru uzņēmumi — in the industrial center are located many interrelated companies of different sectors
  8. (nautical) knot (unit of speed equivalent to one nautical mile, or 1852 meters, per hour)
    Zelta Raga līcī ieradies jaunais ledlauzis “Admirālis Makarovs”... tā dīzeļģeneratoru jauda ir vairāk nekā 40 tūkstoši zirgspēku, ātrums sasniedz 20 mezglus — the new icebreaker “Admiral Markov” arrived at Zelta Raga (Golden Horn) bay... the power of its diesel generator was more than 40 thousand HPs, its speed reaches 20 knots


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