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Etymology 1[edit]

From pop +‎ -er (suffix forming agent noun).


popper (plural poppers)

  1. One who pops.
  2. (obsolete) A dagger.
  3. A short piece of twisted string tied to the end of a whip that creates the distinctive sound when the whip is thrown or cracked.
  4. (informal) A capsule of amyl nitrite for recreational use as a sexual stimulant.
  5. (fishing) A floating lure designed to splash when the fishing line is twitched.
  6. Either of a pair of interlocking discs commonly used in place of buttons to fasten clothing, a snap fastener.
  7. A device that pops kernels of corn to produce popcorn.
  8. A stuffed and usually breaded jalapeño.
    • 2003, James D. Campbell, Mr. Chilehead: Adventures in the Taste of Pain (page 168)
      You mix habs into the cheese before stuffing your poppers []
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

From Popper (a brand name), a brand name owned by Queensland United Foods; from 1978.


popper (plural poppers)

  1. (Australia) A juice box.
    • 1997 September 5, Richard Harrowell, “Advice on Skiing Europe”, in aus.snow, Usenet:
      Again buy your own food - for lunch you get some tomato, some Jambon Fume (proscuitto) and a baguette along with some poppers and your[sic] have a feast.



popper m (plural poppers)

  1. popper (capsule for recreational use as a sexual stimulant)