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Dissimilated form of earlier *sentientia, from Proto-Italic *sentjentjā. Equivalent to sentiens (feeling, perceiving) +‎ -ia.


  • (Classical) IPA(key): /senˈten.ti.a/, [s̠ɛn̪ˈt̪ɛn̪t̪iä]
  • (Ecclesiastical) IPA(key): /senˈten.t͡si.a/, [sɛn̪ˈt̪ɛnt̪͡s̪iɑ]
  • (file)


sententia f (genitive sententiae); first declension

  1. opinion, thought, feeling
    Synonyms: auctōritās, cōgitātiō, existimātiō, opīniō
  2. purpose, determination, will, decision
  3. vote, sentence, judgement
    Synonym: suffrāgium
  4. (of words or discourse) sense, meaning, signification, idea, notion
  5. (politics) proposition, proposal


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative sententia sententiae
Genitive sententiae sententiārum
Dative sententiae sententiīs
Accusative sententiam sententiās
Ablative sententiā sententiīs
Vocative sententia sententiae

Derived terms[edit]



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    • as one would wish; to one's mind: ex sententia
    • to abide by, persist in one's opinion: in sententia manere, permanere, perseverare, perstare
    • to give up one's opinion: a sententia sua discedere
    • to give up one's opinion: de sententia sua decedere
    • to give up one's opinion: (de) sententia desistere
    • to be forced to change one's mind: de sententia deici, depelli, deterreri
    • to make a man change his opinion: de sententia aliquem deducere, movere
    • to win a man over to one's own way of thinking: aliquem ad suam sententiam perducere or in suam sententiam adducere
    • to adopt some one's opinion: ad alicuius sententiam accedere, sententiam alicuius sequi
    • to freely express one's opinions: sententiam suam aperire
    • not to betray one's feelings by one's looks: sententiam fronte celare, tegere
    • I think that..: in hac sum sententia, ut...putem
    • to discuss a subject more fully on the same lines: plura in eam sententiam disputare
    • according to my opinion: mea (quidem) sententia
    • many men, many minds: quot homines, tot sententiae
    • according to my strong conviction: ex animi mei sententia (vid. sect. XI. 2)
    • to alter one's views, intentions: consilium, sententiam mutare
    • I am firmly resolved: stat mihi sententia (Liv. 21. 30.)
    • those views are out of date: illae sententiae evanuerunt
    • those ideas have long ago been given up: illae sententiae iam pridem explosae et eiectae sunt (Fin. 5. 8. 23)
    • to explain one's sentiments: sententias (verbis) explicare, aperire
    • profound sentiments: sententiae reconditae ex exquisitae (Brut. 97. 274)
    • richness of ideas: crebritas or copia (opp. inopia) sententiarum or simply copia
    • rich in ideas: sententiis abundans or creber (opp. sententiis inanis)
    • the connection: sententiae inter se nexae
    • the connection: contextus orationis (not nexus, conexus sententiarum)
    • the connection of thought: ratio sententiarum
    • the connection of thought: ratio, qua sententiae inter se excipiunt.
    • to answer to this effect: respondere in hanc sententiam
    • the sentence, proposition: enuntiatio, enuntiatum, sententia
    • what is the meaning, the original sense of this word: quae notio or sententia subiecta est huic voci?
    • to hold by the letter (of the law): verba ac litteras or scriptum (legis) sequi (opp. sententia the spirit)
    • the terms, contents of the letter are as follows: litterae in hanc sententiam or his verbis scriptae sunt
    • to love deeply: aliquem ex animo or ex animi sententia amare (Q. Fr. 1. 1. 5)
    • I swear on my conscience: ex animi mei sententia iuro
    • to vote (in the popular assembly): suffragium ferre (vid. sect. VI. 4, note Not sententiam...)
    • the spirit of the law: sententia or voluntas legis
    • to ask the opinion of..: sententiam rogare, interrogare
    • to give an opinion (also used of a judge, cf. sect. VI. 4): sententiam dicere
    • the senate inclines to the opinion, decides for..: senatus sententia inclīnat ad... (De Sen. 6. 16)
    • the majority were of the opinion..: sententia vincit (Liv. 2. 4. 3)
    • to vote for some one's motion: discedere (pedibus), ire in alicuius sententiam (Liv. 23. 10)
    • the finding of the jury: sententiae iudicum
    • to give sentence (of the judge, cf. sect. VI. 4, note Not...): sententiam ferre, dicere (Off. 3. 16. 66)
    • the tenor of his speech was this..: hanc in sententiam dixit