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Dissimilated form of earlier *sentientia, from sentiens (feeling, perceiving) +‎ -ia.



sententia f (genitive sententiae); first declension

  1. opinion, thought, feeling
  2. purpose, determination, will, decision
  3. vote, sentence, judgement
  4. (of words or discourse) sense, meaning, signification, idea, notion


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative sententia sententiae
genitive sententiae sententiārum
dative sententiae sententiīs
accusative sententiam sententiās
ablative sententiā sententiīs
vocative sententia sententiae


Derived terms[edit]



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    • as one would wish; to one's mind: ex sententia
    • to abide by, persist in one's opinion: in sententia manere, permanere, perseverare, perstare
    • to give up one's opinion: a sententia sua discedere
    • to give up one's opinion: de sententia sua decedere
    • to give up one's opinion: (de) sententia desistere
    • to be forced to change one's mind: de sententia deici, depelli, deterreri
    • to make a man change his opinion: de sententia aliquem deducere, movere
    • to win a man over to one's own way of thinking: aliquem ad suam sententiam perducere or in suam sententiam adducere
    • to adopt some one's opinion: ad alicuius sententiam accedere, sententiam alicuius sequi
    • to freely express one's opinions: sententiam suam aperire
    • not to betray one's feelings by one's looks: sententiam fronte celare, tegere
    • I think that..: in hac sum sententia, ut...putem
    • to discuss a subject more fully on the same lines: plura in eam sententiam disputare
    • according to my opinion: mea (quidem) sententia
    • many men, many minds: quot homines, tot sententiae
    • according to my strong conviction: ex animi mei sententia (vid. sect. XI. 2)
    • to alter one's views, intentions: consilium, sententiam mutare
    • I am firmly resolved: stat mihi sententia (Liv. 21. 30.)
    • those views are out of date: illae sententiae evanuerunt
    • those ideas have long ago been given up: illae sententiae iam pridem explosae et eiectae sunt (Fin. 5. 8. 23)
    • to explain one's sentiments: sententias (verbis) explicare, aperire
    • profound sentiments: sententiae reconditae ex exquisitae (Brut. 97. 274)
    • richness of ideas: crebritas or copia (opp. inopia) sententiarum or simply copia
    • rich in ideas: sententiis abundans or creber (opp. sententiis inanis)
    • the connection: sententiae inter se nexae
    • the connection: contextus orationis (not nexus, conexus sententiarum)
    • the connection of thought: ratio sententiarum
    • the connection of thought: ratio, qua sententiae inter se excipiunt.
    • to answer to this effect: respondere in hanc sententiam
    • the sentence, proposition: enuntiatio, enuntiatum, sententia
    • what is the meaning, the original sense of this word: quae notio or sententia subiecta est huic voci?
    • to hold by the letter (of the law): verba ac litteras or scriptum (legis) sequi (opp. sententia the spirit)
    • the terms, contents of the letter are as follows: litterae in hanc sententiam or his verbis scriptae sunt
    • to love deeply: aliquem ex animo or ex animi sententia amare (Q. Fr. 1. 1. 5)
    • I swear on my conscience: ex animi mei sententia iuro
    • to vote (in the popular assembly): suffragium ferre (vid. sect. VI. 4, note Not sententiam...)
    • the spirit of the law: sententia or voluntas legis
    • to ask the opinion of..: sententiam rogare, interrogare
    • to give an opinion (also used of a judge, cf. sect. VI. 4): sententiam dicere
    • the senate inclines to the opinion, decides for..: senatus sententia inclīnat ad... (De Sen. 6. 16)
    • the majority were of the opinion..: sententia vincit (Liv. 2. 4. 3)
    • to vote for some one's motion: discedere (pedibus), ire in alicuius sententiam (Liv. 23. 10)
    • the finding of the jury: sententiae iudicum
    • to give sentence (of the judge, cf. sect. VI. 4, note Not...): sententiam ferre, dicere (Off. 3. 16. 66)
    • the tenor of his speech was this..: hanc in sententiam dixit