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From Middle High German sterben, from Old High German sterban, from Proto-Germanic *sterbaną, itself either from Proto-Indo-European *(s)terp- (to lose force; lose sensibility, become numb; be dead, be motionless) or from Proto-Indo-European *sterbʰ- (to be stiff, become stiff). Cognate with Low German starven, staarven, Dutch sterven, West Frisian stjerre, English starve.


  • IPA(key): /ˈʃtɛʁbən/, [ˈʃtɛʁbən], [ˈʃtɛɐ̯bən], [ˈʃtɛʁbm̩], [ˈʃtɛɐ̯bm̩]
  • Hyphenation: ster‧ben
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sterben (class 3 strong, third-person singular simple present stirbt, past tense starb, past participle gestorben, past subjunctive stürbe, auxiliary sein)

  1. (intransitive) to die
    Mein Hund ist gestorben. – “My dog has died.”
  2. (transitive, with accusative or genitive) to die of a (particular kind of) death
    Das Opfer ist einen schrecklichen Tod gestorben.
    Das Opfer ist eines schrecklichen Todes gestorben.
    “The victim died a terrible death.”


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