third to last

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English numbers (edit)
[a], [b], [c] ←  2 3 4  → [a], [b], [c]
    Cardinal: three
    Ordinal: third
    Latinate ordinal: tertiary
    Reverse order ordinal: third to last, third from last, last but two
    Latinate reverse order ordinal: antepenultimate
    Adverbial: three times, thrice
    Multiplier: threefold
    Latinate multiplier: triple
    Distributive: triply
    Group collective: trio, threesome
    Multipart collective: triplet
    Greek or Latinate collective: triad
    Greek collective prefix: tri-
    Latinate collective prefix: tri-
    Fractional: third
    Latinate fractional prefix: trient-
    Elemental: triplet
    Greek prefix: trito-
    Number of musicians: trio, triplet
    Number of years: triennium


third to last (not comparable)

  1. Synonym of antepenultimate