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Alternative forms[edit]


ante- meaning before, pen- from the Latin paene meaning almost, and ultimate from the Latin ultimus meaning last


antepenultimate (not comparable)

  1. Two before the last, i.e., the one immediately before the penultimate, in a series.
    This book has ten chapters — chapter 8 is the antepenultimate one.
    • 1677, Robert Plot, “Of the Heavens and Air”, in The natural history of Oxford-shire: Being an Essay Toward the Natural History of England[1], page 15:
      [] they [the sounds of an echo] next strike the ultimate secondary object, then the penultimate and antepenultimate; []


Coordinate terms[edit]



antepenultimate (plural antepenultimates)

  1. Two before the last in a series. e.g. (..., antepenultimate, penultimate, ultimate)
  2. The syllable that comes two before the last in a word.
    The words animal, citizen, comedy, dangerous, obvious, and antepenultimate are stressed on the antepenultimate.

Related terms[edit]