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संधि ‎(saṃdhí)

  1. containing a conjunction or transition from one to the other etc.



संधि ‎(saṃdhím

  1. junction, connection, combination, union with (+ instrumental)
  2. association, intercourse with (+ instrumental)
  3. comprehension, totality, the whole essence or scope of
  4. agreement, compact
  5. alliance, league, reconciliation, peace between (+genitive) or with (+instrumental with or without सह ‎(saha)), making a treaty of peace, negotiating alliances
  6. sandhi, euphonic combination
  7. contrivance, management
  8. place or point of connection or contact, juncture, hinge, boundary, boundary line
  9. critical juncture, crisis, opportune moment
  10. joint, articulation (of the body; especially applied to the five junctures of the parts of the eye)
  11. interstice, crevice, interval
  12. the space between heaven and earth, horizon
  13. the interval between day and night, twilight
  14. seam
  15. fold
  16. wall or the hole or cavity or breach in a wall made by a housebreaker
  17. (anatomy) vagina, vulva
  18. (drama) juncture or division of a drama
  19. a period at the expiration of each युग ‎(yuga) or age
  20. pause, rest
  21. part, portion, piece of anything
  22. a particular स्तोत्र ‎(stotra)
  23. (in mensuration) the connecting link of a perpendicular
  24. the common side of a double triangle
  25. name of a son of प्रसुश्रुत ‎(Prasuśruta)


Proper noun[edit]

संधि ‎(saṃdhíf

  1. name of a goddess presiding over junction or union


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