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U+AE00, 글
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Hangul Syllables


규 ←→ 긔



First attested in the Hunminjeong'eum haerye (訓民正音解例 / 훈민정음해례), 1446, as Middle Korean 글〮 (Yale: kúl), presumably from Old Korean 文尸 (*KUl), a form attested in sixth-century personal names. Further back, the first element of one (pseudo-)Goguryeo place name in central Korea is written both as 斤尸 (*kul) and as Chinese (writing).


Revised Romanization?geul
Revised Romanization (translit.)?geul
Yale Romanization?kul
  • South Gyeongsang (Busan) pitch accent: / /

    Syllables in red take high pitch. This word always takes high pitch and also heightens the next suffixed syllable.



  1. a piece of writing; a written work such as a book or article
    슬픈 읽고 눈물 흘렸다.
    Seulpeun geur-eul ilgo nunmur-eul heullyeotda.
    I read a sad work of writing and shed tears.
    좋은 비법 다독, 다작, 다상량이다.
    Jo'eun geur-ui bibeob-eun dadok, dajak, dasangnyang-ppun-ida.
    The only method to good writing is reading much, writing much, and thinking much.
  2. a letter in writing
    Synonym: 글자(㐎字) (geulja)
    예쁘게 쓰려고 애쓴다.
    Geur-eul yeppeuge sseuryeogo aesseunda.
    She makes an effort to write her letters prettily.
  3. a writing system
    Synonym: 문자(文字) (munja)
    나라 모르는 사람 많다.
    I nara-neun geur-eul moreuneun saram-i manta.
    In this country, there are many people who do not know their letters.
  4. (possibly dated) letters, cultivation, knowledge
    아는 사람이다.
    Geur-eul aneun saram-ida.
    He is a man of letters.

Derived terms[edit]

  • 글귀 (geulgwi, phrase of writing)
  • 글꼴 (geulkkol, font)
  • 글말 (geulmal, written language/tongue)
  • 글맛 (geulmat, elegance in writing)
  • 글발 (geulbal, talent in writing)
  • 글방 (geulbang, academy (historical))
  • 글쓰기 (geulsseugi, writing)
  • 글쓴이 (geulsseuni, author)
  • 글월 (geurwol, writing (dated or literary))
  • 글자 (geulja, letter)
  • 글쟁이 (geuljaeng'i, scribbler)
  • 글짓기 (geuljitgi, writing)
  • 글하다 (geulhada, to write (literary))
  • 댓글 (daetgeul, reply (Internet))
  • 아랫글 (araetgeul, what is written below)
  • 암글 (amgeul, Korean alphabet (in historical contexts))
  • 윗글 (witgeul, what is written above)
  • 조선글 (Joseon'geul, Korean alphabet (North Korea))
  • 한글 (Han'geul, Korean alphabet (South Korea))
  • 헛글 (heotgeul, pointless writing)

See also[edit]

  • (mun, corresponding hanja for writing-related compounds)
  • 쓰다 (sseuda, to write)

Middle Korean[edit]



글〮 (kúl) (locative 그〮레〮 (kúl-éy))

  1. writing; a work of writing


  • Korean: (geul)