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Of native Korean origin.



  1. well
    • 그림을 아주 그린다.
      Geurimeul aju jal geurinda.
      He draws pictures very well.
    • 생각해 봐!
      Jal saenggakhae bwa!
      Think carefully!
    • 그것 참 되었네!
      Geugeot cham jal doeeonne!
      That's wonderful.
  2. often
  3. At a good time, with fortunate timing
    • 물어 볼 말이 있었는데 마침 오셨어요.
      Mureo bol mal-i isseosseoneunde machim jal osyeosseoyo.
      You have come at a good time, I have something to ask you.