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  1. (noun suffix) Added to a verb to form a noun.
    fut ‎(to run) → futás ‎(running)
    ír ‎(to write) → írás ‎(document / writing)
    lakik ‎(to live) → lakás ‎(dwelling, home, flat)


Usage notes[edit]

  • (noun suffix) Harmonic variants:
    -ás is added to back vowel words
    -és is added to front vowel words
  • The suffix can be attached to any verb to make a noun that expresses the action or the process described by the verb itself, essentially like a gerund:
    olvas ‎(to read) → olvasás ‎(reading)
    eszik ‎(to eat) → evés ‎(eating)
  • Besides this meaning, for some verbs, the created noun also expresses the result or measurement (extent) of the process or action:
    ír ‎(to write) → írás ‎(the act of writing / document)
    fizet ‎(to pay) → fizetés ‎(the act of paying / salary)
    Note: for other verbs the result may be expressed by -mány, -vány, -alom, -at, -ék, -ály, -ám, -am, etc.

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