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Alternative forms[edit]


From Russian Бук (Buk, codename for a missile system), from бук (buk, beech tree).


Buk (plural Buks)

  1. (military) A type of self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system from the Soviet Union.
    • 1992, “New Priorities Set for Ground Forces Air Defense”‚ in Central Eurasia Joint Publications Research Service Report (Military Affairs n 40), Foreign Broadcast Information Service, p 17:
      But systems like our S-300 V, Buk-M1, Tor, and Osa actually destroyed all the targets with a single missile.
    • 2008, Aviation News v 70, Saint Leonards-on-Sea, UK: HPC Publishing, p 5:
      A photo shows that the UAVs employed by Georgia are Hermes 450s and they have reportedly been downed by Buk SAMs.
    • 2014, “Buk missile launcher, suspected in jetliner attack, requires skill to use”,[1] CBSNews.com, July 18,
      Pentagon officials say the missile likely came from an SA-11 or SA-17 launch vehicle -- otherwise known as a "Buk." Both Russia and Ukraine have Buks, as do most other former Soviet Union states and China.



German Low German[edit]



Buk n (genitive Buke, dative Buke)

  1. (in some dialects) alternative spelling of Buuk : stomach
  2. (in some dialects) alternative spelling of Buuk : belly, abdomen